There is no question, France is ‘going big box’ with its huge Super U and Carrefour food stores … they have put out of business some but not all of the smaller merchants.

The French (and we) still seek out the best quality at small, local shops for meat, weekly markets for legumes and fromage, creme fraiche and the HOTTEST garlic bulbs out of the Baie of Mont St Michel I’ve ever eaten.

Beyond THAT level of local involvement, we have a nearby petite farm — they are friends — who raise all things organic, from geese, chicken and lamb, to THE most golden eggs ever.

Tonight? It’s Lamb Loin Chops. When I don’t feel like cooking a big meal? I pull out a couple of chops and throw them on the grill without ANY accoutrement. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

Not to mention, they are a highly rated b&b here, so if you’re interested in a hot tip, find HERE, and ponder a wander. You’ll be delighted.