We have a few updates for our tours, into the Ariege, Provence & beyond, including Toulouse as Day Zero for the South of France I Tour.

France has nearly done away with night trains, and that romantic beginning has evaporated. I’ve split the 13/13 day tour into two separate packages, though they can dovetail. For South of France I, we meet not in Paris but in Toulouse for our first evening meal, and stay our first night there (‘Day Zero’) before embarking southwest to Mirepoix where the flamboyance and wonder of the region awaits you.

Monday market, brocantes, lunch in the square, visiting small villages — and taking heed that the heart of the Ariège is steeped in its own history, from the power and light of the Cathars, from tiny villages and towns all the way to Carcassonne. South of France II holds the magic of Arles, the mysteries on the shores of the Mediterranean with Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the Camargue, then further east with an immersed experience in the region and splendor of quintessential Provence, embracing St Maximum Ste Baume … the last jewel in the crown.

All logistics have been refreshed and updated, and can be found HERE

À bientôt !