• Flowers of the Loire
    Flowers of the Loire

I used to think when I went into beloved France, I’d spend my time writing, blogging, taking shots, tweeting — all of it. But I’ve discovered when I go, all I do is absorb it; the wonder, the calm of the earth, the beauty — it simply makes the Soul sing. And judging by the numbers, I’m not alone!

I find when I am there, I am in a nearly constant state of reverie. Everywhere I look, whatever I do, wherever I am, I am somehow mysteriously swept away by some facet of the culture that presents itself.

This doesn’t happen in other countries in Europe — it is unique to the light of France. So I follow it!

Here I am back in the USA, now extending my reverie by sharing it with you.

I’ll start with just a few snippets here — and over the next few days, I’ll post slices of life so you may share it with me.

à bientôt,