Woman of Chartres

Every year, since 1995, we journey to Chartres to spend time with the splendor of the Cathedral, with leisurely walkabouts in and around the ancient village, and to settle in for a week of reflection, deep listening, and visiting the Loire.

There are of course several different types of accommodations in Chartres but the long-standing favorite is the Grand Monarque, giving you a quintessential French experience, with class.

They say the colors of stained glass of Chartres, the pages of the book it is, cannot be duplicated — the original materials long gone — but preserved by the labor of all the artisans that came together to create this living treasure.

They say it is one of the most best preserved Gothic cathedrals on Earth.

And, they say the medieval labyrinth available for walking, is one of the greatest treasures of a pilgrimage to Chartres.

We would have to go agree.

If you are considering time in Paris or even Versailles — it is only a stone’s throw beyond to Chartres and the majesty and grace available for you to replenish.

Next visit for us is on the books: 20 April 2014.