SHOP FRANCE: Vintage Red Velvet Box


Treasures of France found this Vintage Red Velvet Treasure Box …
It’s hard to quantify the significance of opening a seemingly empty box and finding a life gone by, within it.
Such was the case when I spotted this red velvet box.
It is a vintage Lenôtre, Paris-Deauville  specialty box made for what — chocolat, peut être — awfully fancy for chocolate but hey, this is Paris and THAT was Deauville. It’s a large, quiet, plush velvet box with a proper hinge and tacks for the upholstery on the bottom; 12″ long, 3″ deep, 3″ across. Near perfect condition; one small work-it-out-or-not mark on the lid.
Personally, I figured it’d be empty; but no, it has probably two dozen sets of knitting needles and crochet hooks inside. And,last but not least, an old, crumpled piece of tissue at one end that when I got it home, discovered was basically an ivory, perfect and gentile, hand-crocheted French lace beret — clearly made with the crochet hooks kept with it.
It is unique, exquisite, and I wish I wore hats as I would not give it away otherwise.
Wear it tipped on the head; it’s made with that accent.
Most astounding about this gift, is nothing matches. But when you open the box, it’s almost as if her memory is yours; closing it for the last time, with what she kept within.
Sold as found, as the inheritance it is:  Red Velvet Box, a finely worked French beret in ivory-white, and the needles that took her there.

More photos on full display @treasurestotouchstones.

Includes S&H, and ships Collissimo from France.


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