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It is said ‘all roads lead to Paris’ … I’d add, ‘and FROM Paris …’

I’m turning to face the light. That brilliant, effervescent light of France that is suspended in time and space across the centuries — always pulsing.

Each carving, each reliquary, each shrine; every turn in any road holds encapsulations of this light in a myriad of forms.

What catches YOUR eye? You cannot but see what is there for you. What pulls on your heart strings? You cannot but wonder what you will find.

All of France is like Paris; so much everywhere to drink in, how do you capture it in one fell swoop?

THAT is an impossibility.

The lands are ripe with great antiquity.

From Paris south to the Mediterranean; from Mont Segur to Avignon, from Arles to St Maximin Ste Baume, personally, I am turning to face that light NOW.

Why wait to feed the soul?

Bon Voyage!