This One-Week France Itinerary: Provence/Avignon – Arles – St Max is the latest of my six One-Week in France Itineraries and is now available! Carve out your week standing in the square facing the Palace of Popes … ​enter the garden of Van Gough​ in Arles​ … drive through the Camargue to the tiny coastal Mediterranean village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and reflect on the the journey of Mary Magdalene who by all accounts, came across the Sea to this very spot … ​from there, you can ​head east through Aix into the magic and mystery of eastern Provence​, where the myth meets the road.

The bounty of the South of France is breathtaking.

This year of waiting and missing did not keep me sitting for long. I got OUT of my armchair and into what COULD be done to support actualizing trips going forward. You’ll be fully involved now, not later. PACKED with daily destinations, hot tips, vitals and pleasures, and ​given the​ ‘just one-week timeframe​’, you’ll quickly discover it’s worth its weight in gold. Does this captivate you? You can start dreaming it in. 

I’ve spent countless ​(thoroughly enjoyable) ​hours carving ​out ​itineraries so you get the most​ out of a one-week trip to France. 

Fixed itineraries are not the only way! They are a way for those of you who don’t want a full-blown tour, but want a structure to rely upon, to gently and accurately  guide you as you explore the regions we cover.

​There are three South of France Itineraries​: Toulouse to Carcassonne, Avignon to St Max, and a bundle of those two together, for a two-week journey.

Prepare to be satiated!