The European Medieval Festival of Dinan or Fête des Remparts is intoxicating! Scheduled for next July, you can fulfill your dream and completely immerse yourself in an authentic Renaissance experience. Here you are, coming in from modern 2021 from wherever you were. You step into the streets on the days of festival, and are instantly transported. The smells … the colors … the joviality … the camaraderie among brothers and sisters … tribes gathering and laughing openly …  jugglers, acrobats, street artists … street music and open-fire food … artisan merchants selling wares … In fact, dress in Renaissance costume yourself for free admission. If you want to get creative and be a part of it all, pack your pouch! I’ve included this link so you can do just that! The fortress town of Dinan, situated in northwest Brittany, stands on its own with charm of the ancient afoot.  Cobblestone streets, high stone walls that have been protecting it since the 10th century, it is a perfect backdrop for an ancient renaissance village hard at work and play.

Dinan Marina, rive Rance


Perched on the rive Rance or Rance River, the marina is full of cafes and bars.

Medieval Streets of Dinan

Medieval Streets of Dinan

Walk up the hill to centre ville, and dimensions will shift. Find the promenade at the base of the fortress walls, where the mind-blowing jousting events are scheduled. It’s just like in the movies except you’re in the movie and everyone is a participant. If you intend on being there during the fête? Be sure to book now. There are wonderful hotels that allow you to be right in the middle of it all — but don’t hesitate. People book-in a year ahead to immerse in the revelry and spectacular shows and events that carry on over the 2-day weekend. Even with covid, they might already be booked solid. Dinan is not a huge city. If centre ville is booked, you can always find a place a little further afield. Plan to park in the hotel’s garage, and walk into centre ville at the opening of the festival before the crowds arrive. Come to be swept away.