22 November


Looking for a Room at the Inn?

First off, an ‘auberge’ is French for ‘inn’ which fits this type of accommodation perfectly.

France is full of les auberges! Frequently they are two star hotels. And for a 2 star, it is superb.

I was here for a four night stay, and loved it.
Situated so close to Mont St Michel, you can walk the fields, get to the shuttle to the abbey very quickly, and enjoy the bounty of the countryside, because that’s what it is here in Normandy; fields! Cows! Sheep! Country life with a very civilized auberge right in the middle of it all.

The rooms are crisp, clean, functional, and quiet. Great bathrooms. Very hot water!
WiFi works great; no complaints and the staff are MORE than accommodating.

The adjoining restaurant serves very good food — better than average. If I can get a chèvre chaud salade — or hot goat cheese on toast big plate salads — it’s best friends forever. Theirs is fab and ‘mais bien sûr’, you can bring a bottle of their wine to your room for a late night chat with friends.