Wherever she goes, there you are!

Aah, the Golden Road threads its way from Ani’s hometown of San Francisco, California, where Hwy 1 runs north to south so you can grab all the Pacific coast sunsets and coastline you want — like she did — to France where the Golden Road continues its weaving as Hwy1FR Blog!

From Paris to Provence, Chartres to the Loire — travel with us for a gust of fresh air and a nuance of what you love.

Have you fallen in love with France and just can’t get enough?
Welcome to Ani’s Blog, aptly named Hwy1FR.

Enjoy quintessential moments to feed the life and light of YOUR day.

Ani ‘crossed over’ from tourist to local 20 years ago now, found a country cottage in the fields of Normandy, and set up house & home. French friends have been teaching her how to cook ever since, gathered around the table to have cross cultural conversations, and toasting the setting sun over aperos in the garden.

Because of this, there is a depth of perception beyond what a tourist receives, and a yearning fulfilled that readers can find in the pages and points of interest noted.

Travel with us, on our French Highway 1, to enjoy our ‘slice of light’ Blog — for views, tastes, tips and touchstones into the grace and beauty of the ancient lands of France.

Here @ LoFT you will find satellites to explore, from the boutique ETSY shop of My Vide Grenier’s latest treasures to destination points and potential itineraries … to tours in different regions and the fruits those journeys bare … to relevant and current happenings in France.

What is your pleasure … what draws you to France?

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