Ani and I first met in Paris maybe 20 years ago now. How time flies. We have a lot in common — not the least of which is providing tours! I’ve stayed with her in a tiny rural Normandy village, where we’ve cooked and planned, toured and enjoyed all things French.

She offers personalized travel itineraries — they’re great for saving money and time — and allow people to tour with a structure to rely on but sans guide — a great option.  

She also creates boutique tours — each one designed to meet the interests of her travelers, gleaning the best, from well known cities to secret hamlets.  

I’ve recommended her itineraries and tours to others who were all as satisfied as I was to be in France with a local. 

Elin Babcock
Parisian Tours

Ani does these itineraries as part of LoFT, and helped us on-the-ground with logistics and connections — it saved us so much time and hassle — from where to catch our shuttle at the airport, where to stay in Paris — to how to easily catch and use the Metro!

The itinerary she gave us had such great directions — from navigating TO France, then from Paris to Normandy and then onward to Bourgogne.  

We wanted to know all of the wonderful shopping areas we were keen on visiting, and she marked the spots to consider.

As for best food? Scrumptious! We ate in brasseries and cafes, and gathered fresh food from small local markets and a takeaway deli that was delicious — we took it on our walk along the Seine, stopping to eat at a riverside bench. How good does it get?

We decided to rent a car, and that process was seamless, as Ani had all of the details ready for us to rely on.  (You can also take the train from Paris to anywhere, but we opted to sightsee along the way!)

I highly recommend Ani as your guide for memorable experiences all over France — and to help you with your itinerary.. You will be delighted!

Colleen Pyke

Thank you, Ani, for all the good instructions and well wishes. You have no idea how much this means to me. If not for you I would never have gotten to see France…

Sydney Chandler

My sister and I have finally had time to look at the itinerary you proposed for us and LOVE everything about it!

Thank you so much. Elin Babcock was right — you’re a Godsend.

Linda and Kathy

You were magnificent in suggesting all the things you did to make this trip a memory we will never forget.
We were enchanted with our genuine Norman country home, and it played a major part in making our 52nd wedding anniversary trip magical.
Thank you, Ani. You are a wonderful friend. It’s clear you wanted us to have the time of our lives, and we did! It was one of our best trips ever.

Les AuCoin, Bozeman, Montana

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