A ‘vide grenier’ is a French term for ’emptying the attic’. Every summer, every village in France, hosts their own vide.
Folks go into their attics, dig out what they want no more, and put them on tables for sale.

It’s gotten more sophisticated than that, of course, but it’s a mixed bag of that simplicity and savvy merchants who instead of opening brocantes, (shops full of vide wares), sell AS a brocante in the open market.

My Vide Grenier has been a long time coming, but I’m there: have created a sweet little boutique shop that has wares as I find them from all over France, from carafes to pichets, old lace and scratchy linen, old Europa glassware — and quirkly collectables. And, also a few extraordinary one of a kind treasures to keep for lifetimes.

I opened a shop for it but quickly realized I wanted to streamline life and living down to basics.
Which for me, means my Etsy shop My Vide Grenier.


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