Travel Writing comes with the territory. Embarking upon a journey? Chronicling it? Sharing the highlights, destinations and flavors? Pleasurable, to say the least. But that’s the selfish part. The giveaway is that others experience a slice of gateau on the table.

Setting off on each and every trip is full of sensations, explorations and discoveries.
And, setting off as a travel writer holds the same elements.


Provence Travel: The Jewels of St Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume

The French Brocante: Summer in France is a Scavenger’s Delight

Gateway to Mont-Saint-Michel: All Roads Lead to Pontorson

Third Time Lucky: Renovating a Little Cottage in Normandy

Ani freelances her own travel & immersion experiences. She is available for tours, events, tourism in townships and villages, hotels, restaurants, fine wine & dining events and restaurants, chateaux & resorts in France, on the continent, in the UK and Ireland.

Inquire via email on our contact page if you’d like to be considered as part of an upcoming press trip.

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