Are you coming to France? Not sure about how to do what or where to focus your time? Consider the simplicity of a custom-designed, fixed Itinerary (sans guide).

She has lived and toured France for over 20 years, and can provide you ease of travel guidelines and structures to rely on, from transportation to accommodation; from two star hotels to les chateaux.

This includes but is not limited to:

~ recommended accommodations,
~ recommended restaurants from creperies to chateau dining,
~ on-the-ground go-to maps,
~ off the beaten track haunts that put you in touch with local life,
~ how-to for points of great interest, details on entry, transportation options, parking, etc.,
~ need to know information regarding the culture and region for a great experience.

All of this, is what she calls ‘A Fixed Itinerary’, one that has many pieces laid out for you with room for spontaneity.

The road is well traveled … but if any simple tidbit can help you have a more pleasurable time exploring an area, consider a fixed itinerary; one set out with parameters for you to use as ‘the basic bones’ or a basic structure, one that allows you flexibility to fill in with whims or fascinations.

As she writes and travels France, there are more and more destinations available for you, to ease you into a better experience, having avoided the kinks and setbacks that can swiftly change a hopeful adventure … from Paris to the Beaches of Normandy, to les chateaux of the Loire, stretching into the Dordogne and the south of France — all the way east to La Ste Baume, Home of the Grotto of Mary Magdalene …

Fixed Rate for Your Itinerary: $150.

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