We not infrequently receive queries from ‘group leaders’ across the board — from corporates to spiritual mentors to therapists, historians to womens’ empowerment groups — about the possibility of coming on board with THEIR group, for OUR Tour.

Mais bien sûr!

We LOVE that our lens into the south of France might just be your lens too, and that LoFT draws you to offer our tour to your own special people.

The multi-faceted gains of a week of R&R in the South of France for your group, crosses all boundaries, giving ‘your people’ an opportunity, off the grid of the normal work environment, to perhaps gain insight, find new in-roads, and simply engage in conversations that would not ever occur in the office.

It is not only significant, it is paramount that this, the ‘human factor’ is included. Opportunities to get to know people and their true character, discover their passion and commitment, their vision — are all part of the mix.

This structure offers just that; the exploration and discoveries of a foreign land, the tremendous forces of nature to commune with and reflect within, rest and rejuvenation in casually elegant surroundings, shared conversation within the bounty of our nightly French dining experience — it all combines to orchestrate a fruitful ‘finish’ which uplifts, heartens, enlivens — and opens one’s personal experience to listen more deeply, attune more clearly and creatively present more wholly.

Within the context of your own organization, supporting the cultural creativity of your people, and of their resultant production is of course an intrinsic part of your working policy.

Whether you are seeking such a platform to facilitate your group, to simply reward your people for a job well done, or to give as a retirement gift — you will find this tour accommodates.

As you read through the itinerary and offering, please note the structure — the template — of the itinerary remains essentially the same. But we design off the template to meet your group’s individual requirements.

Tour dates are scheduled late spring/early summer, and late September/early October.

Your people will be met in Paris, where the journey will begin and conclude.

The peripheral structure we co-create, will accommodate and support your people uniquely.

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