Discover Normandy at its Finest!

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The play of light within and around the Abbey of Mont St Michel transfixes your gaze.
The unearthly seascape pastels, or golden reflections off the ancient stone as you take it all in … each its own fleeting shadow of the sublime — gives pause to ponder.

More, please…

Considered by many as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Abbey of Mont St Michel stands formidably off the coast of the Normandy/Brittany border. The last several years have seen a massive restructuring of the water flows at the mouth of the Couesnon River; to bring back the baie to the full estuary it can be, and to create an approach unparalleled for visitors, truly, an extravagant experience of the natural wonder.

Millions arrive annually — some for a personal pilgrimage, some wanting it to be one of their lifetime’s experiences ‘had’. And, some come afar for the day.

There are untold numbers of Day Tours to Mont St Michel.

I’ve discovered there are just as many folks who come to relax into the region for a few days; who stay locally, eat well, and set about exploring this incredible region of France.

This four day getaway to Mont St Michel, gives you just that… with a little bit of luxe.

We have designed a boutique, long-weekend package — any four days of the week — to saturate you.

It takes planning, scheduling, routing, and logistics to create the experience you’re after.


From wherever you are travelling; be it the UK or Ireland, Paris or beyond, your destination is Gare de Rennes.

(If you are driving in, please let us know so we may create an interface for you.)

We will meet you at the Gare. Please schedule to arrive early afternoon for a leisurely return through Brittany, to the Normandy Border (one hour drive). Water and snacks on-board your mini tour van.

You will be taken upon your arrival to relax and settle into your well appointed gite in the French countryside. The location is approximately 20 minutes from the Abbey.

First evening? An on-site farm-to-table three course meal will greet you and your travel companions.
And the freshest country air will lull you to sleep.


We board our van at 8 am after our petite dejeuner, to go to the Abbey. After walking the cobblestones, finding what’s yours to find, perhaps stopping for a croissant and coffee, or reflective time in the cloister garden or refectory, you will be given a private 1.5 hour guided tour with a professional guide, fluent in French, German, English.

1:00 We will meet for a reserved table at La Mere Poularde, with a leisurely departure off the rock at 3-4, when we will head back to the gite for R&R.

Dinner at 7:00

We will be fine-dining regionally …

Return to your accommodation after dinner.


A day in the Baie with a local, regional guide, includes perhaps a leisurely walk on the polders of the Baie, affording you panoramic, stunning views, perhaps visiting local haunts — perhaps there is something in particular you want to include …
We will wind through villages on the coastal road, heading to Cancale, an ancient fishing village, to wander the shoreline shops and restaurants, and feast for a midday meal at a world renowned five star restaurant and chateau.

Return to your accommodations late afternoon for R&R, and a light evening in-house buffet style meal.


Petite dejeuner, followed by a return to the Rennes Gare.


Pick-up/drop off at Rennes Gare.

Three night accommodation
Abbey Pass
Breakfast and Dinners
Transportation from pick-up to drop-off in Rennes.

Does Not Include:

Travel Insurance

Our boutique tour serves 2-6 people.

Please note: This tour is not wheelchair accessible.
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