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By some secret alchemy between the Heavens and Earth, France is forever covered in an ecstatic, otherworldly light. It is everywhere, blanketing Etretat in the north … moving west to Brittany … south into the Dordogne … and continuing east into the belly of France’s ancient lands.

There are thousands of places; sacred, historical, architectural or geographical that hold the keys to treasures and mysteries … lives experienced, power passed, religious loyalties aligned or extinguished, beauty to behold … it is all here in the wealth of the culture itself.

Today, in touring France, whether Paris, the Loire or south to Provence and beyond, is a big subject.

If you’re a first-timer, you could have one set of priorities.

If this is geared to ‘trip of a lifetime’ you may well have another.

Here at Light Of France, we create ’boutique’ tours; small groups, leisurely pace. You will consistently find we offer you not a visit to say you’ve been there, but an immersion experience of the culture, from Paris to Provence & beyond.

If that’s what you’re after, read on. Dive in. Enjoy what’s here for you. Link through to BLOG for slices of French life. Check to see if our idea of boutique matches yours.

Because to have such a tour? One has to have found the elements, the jewels of the culture.

That’s Us.

We organize casually elegant tours that provide an enriching, once-in-a-lifetime peak experience: both in the South of France, and Chateaux of the Loire. These are BUILT to fulfill your dreams and send you home saturated and shining.

We also customize tours to fit your requirements and YOUR dates, for you to pursue the beauty of this country, whether you are individual travelers, families, couples, small groups or corporations.

We have many years of experience following the light in this magnificent country, and invite you to come with us as we are eternally exploring.

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